Policy messaging through campaign videos

Campaign videos are a key tool for the social media age. Whether you are looking to directly reach political stakeholders (be they MPs, MSPs, MLAs or local councillors) with your policy messages, or mobilise support among the public, social media platforms will be critical to doing so. And campaign videos are key to catching the attention of people using social media platforms.

We produce animated campaign videos either to communicate the key policy messages of your campaign, or to hone in on a specific message for a subset of your audience. Check out the examples below.

563 of 650 MPs are on Twitter. And video is one of the best ways of getting their attention.

Invest, Reform, Trust - Core Cities UK

Animated policy campaign video for the UK's 10 core cities

Driving trade and prosperity - Port of Dover

Policy campaign video on the impact of Brexit on the Port of Dover, shown at big screens at the Conservative party conference.

Cost of No Deal - UK in a Changing Europe

Animated campaign video highlighting the cost of a no-deal Brexit.
Really good job on the animation. It looks great and was delivered to deadline. Brilliant. It also worked really well as part of our parliamentary reception.
Core Cities UK


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