Terrence Higgins Trust – PrEP


Our brief was to create a short animation to raise awareness of PrEP. THT’s social media team asked us to create two versions – one in standard widescreen (16:9) for use on social media and on TV, and another 15 second version in 9:16 for use on Instagram Stories.  


As the animations were for use on social media, we developed a concept that centred on the use of on-screen text for message delivery, with bold visuals in bright and welcoming colours.

We developed the on-screen messaging from the client’s key points, keeping information top-line, with the expectation that many viewers would have no prior understanding of PrEP. 

We developed a visual concept to support the message delivery centred on a bouncing ball as our central character. This concept allowed us to hint at an individual, without showing a specific gender or ethnicity. We decided to use the ball to bounce through the scenes, leading the viewer through the animation, landing on keywords, and creating a friendly, positive feel. With on-screen text animations, the choice of music track is particularly important to set the tone, and we chose a funky, upbeat music track for this animation.

Having created the animation in standard format, we slimmed the messaging down further and redesigned the artwork to fit the Stories format, resulting in the 15 second vertical version.


The client was really pleased with the final animations, and especially happy to see that they were popular with the target audience – achieving over 200K completed views via their Twitter and Facebook channels alone, with significant further exposure seen on other platforms and through partner organisations’ channels.

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