Our Process

Our goal is to make creating a video quick, easy and fun. Our production process covers every stage from initial concept formulation and scripting, through the drafting stages and on to delivery of the final video. 

We work collaboratively with you throughout to ensure that we take advantage of your sector expertise. We offer unlimited feedback during the concept development phase and two rounds of feedback during the production phase as standard, with additional rounds available on request.

Production kick-off meeting

Every project starts with a production kick-off meeting. Usually conducted as a video call, this meeting provides the opportunity to get to know the team that will be working on your video, and to talk us through your goals and objectives in full. 

Together, we will discuss your project to ensure we have a full understanding of your audience and your key messages, and we will discuss ideas for the look and feel of the video. We will confirm your deadline and set out timescales for each stage in the production process, so that you know what to expect and when. 

Concept phase

After the kick-off meeting, we begin work turning your ideas and objectives into a video concept. 

We will draft a script based on your key messages that is tailored to achieve your objectives and resonate with your target audience. Additionally, we will create a storyboard outline. This sets out how we plan to visualise each line of script.

Using your brand guidelines and style ideals, we will create concept frames to show our suggested look and feel. These are static assets depicting some key scenes from the animation. If required, at this stage we will also share a shortlist of voice over artists from our wide pool. 

The draft concept materials will be shared with you for your thoughts and feedback, and we will work with you to refine the materials until you are completely happy with them before we start the production process.

Production phase

During this stage, we will create all of the artwork, record the voice over, animate, film and edit, as required. We will create a polished first draft of your video for you to review and feedback on. 

Once you have provided feedback on the first draft, we will implement your changes to create a second draft. This stage provides for a further round of feedback, before we create a final draft.

At the final draft stage, we should only have some small tweaks and adjustments to make, if any. Once you are happy to sign off the final version of your video, we will create the final video files, including subtitled versions and any social media clips that you may have included in your package. All videos are provided as MP4 files ready to use.