The Brief:

The social housing provider A2Dominion asked us to create an animation to raise awareness amongst their tenants of fire safe behaviours. The video needed to cover essential topics, including smoke alarm testing, kitchen fire prevention, safe electrical socket usage and proper actions during a building fire.

The Approach:

In creating this animation, we wanted to make something eye-catching, engaging and enjoyable to watch, whilst also delivering important information. We opted for vibrant colours and developed a series of scenes showcasing characters in various settings, emphasising fire-safe behaviours in a positive way.

Given potential language barriers among the audience, we prioritised clear and straightforward messaging. Utilising a voiceover and on-screen text to ensure accessibility and comprehension. We featured characters of diverse races, ages and body types to enhance resonance to all.

The Result:

The end product was a bright, vibrant animation. This visually engaging and extremely clear video is a tool that A2Dominion will use to promote safe habits across their housing projects for years to come.