Shipping and marine videos

From distinctive terminology, to the unique working practices required to ensure crew safety, supplying the maritime industry requires experience and knowledge.

Senate Media is a specialist content provider for the marine industry, with a breadth of experience in the sector, working with:

What problems can video solve for the maritime sector?

From helping to keep your staff safe, to providing a direct return on investment through driving sales, video is a versatile tool allowing you to convey key messages to your target audience in a way that is engaging, accessible and memorable.

These are some of the typical use cases we see:

Provide training

Working at sea presents serious challenges and keeping employees safe is a key concern for maritime companies and organisations. Our animations cover subjects such as the importance of a good safety culture, mooring procedures, and enclosed space entry.

Animated training videos are more engaging than manuals, and they are cost-effective to produce compared to on-site filming.

Promote a product

Animated promos are a great way to explain the features and benefits of a maritime product, large or small. A slickly produced video can be used in sales presentations, on the web and on social media – explaining the product in the way you want it explained, and helping to drive sales.  

We have worked with a number of clients on maritime product promotional videos, including those promoting various safety guides and apps to help manage crew availability and hours.

Engage stakeholders

Video is also a great medium for explaining who you are and what you do as a business, as well as raising awareness of your brand. It can be used for thought leadership, to highlight your work supporting environmental causes, and to showcase your activities as a socially responsible business.

It can also help manage stakeholders, by showing the value of your business and the contribution it makes to the local economy – something particularly relevant to large local employers such as ports.