Manifesto Videos

General elections are pivotal moments when organisations can shape the next government. 

A manifesto is an important way to set out your policy agenda, build support and increase understanding of your organisation and its aims.

But getting policymakers and stakeholders to engage with your manifesto can be a challenge. Particularly in the run-up to an election, when your audience’s time is short. So making your messages memorable is essential.

This is where manifesto videos come in.

Short, animated videos are the perfect way to get your policy messages in front of the parties, candidates and advisers. By summarising your key messages in a 1-2 minute video, you can turn complex issues into easy to understand, engaging and ultimately persuasive content. 

The colourful, eye-catching motion graphics of a manifesto animation, coupled with the tone set by the music track, will ensure that your policy asks are memorable. Meaning your time-poor audience will recall your policy asks more readily than if they had seen a webpage or PDF alone.

Manifesto videos on social media

During the 2019 election, people spent more time on social media than they did on news apps. This included candidates and advisers, as well as campaign supporters. 

Posts on X, formerly Twitter, that include a video get 10 times more engagement than those without. It’s a similar story on Instagram, where reels generate significantly more engagement than images. On LinkedIn, users are 20 times more likely to share a video than any other form of content. A manifesto video shared on social media can therefore help get your issues in front of the widest possible audience.

Manifesto videos for briefings, presentations and meetings

As video is so versatile, your manifesto video will also be an excellent tool for meetings with candidates, as well as briefings and presentations. 

With your key policy asks distilled into a short video, you will have a visual tool that ensures your meetings really resonate. Whether you use your manifesto video to introduce your policy agenda at the start of a meeting, allowing you to focus in on key issues afterwards, or to close the meeting and reinforce the conversations, your video will elevate your manifesto in candidates minds. 

And sending your manifesto video over to key contacts following a brief meeting is another way to make sure they have a full 360 view of your key policy asks.

If you are planning a launch event for your manifesto, having a video to open the launch is invaluable, tying the event together and sparking relevant, policy-focused conversations.

Manifesto videos for your website

On your website, it will outperform the PDF policy briefing again, with a 2-minute online video achieving an engagement rate of 70%, compared to only 20% of people who read the text on a website.