FIGIEFA – Secure On-board Telematics Platform


A large coalition representing automotive dealers, aftermarket and their consumers asked us to create an animation explaining the challenges of true consumer choice, security and effective competition in the automotive services sector. The second part of the same animation needed to introduce the solution that this coalition is offering: a Secure On-board Telematics Platform.

This platform is meant to guarantee true consumer choice, effective competition and free entrepreneurship in a secure and technology-neutral manner.


We worked directly with FIGIEFA, one of the organisations within the coalition, who provided us with a report introducing the S-OTP, as well as a plan to follow: the animation needed to work as a whole, but should also work as a series of 3 shorter versions introducing: the Challenges, the Solution, and the Wider Benefits of the S-OTP.

We worked closely with FIGIEFA and the rest of the coalition to shape a simple and engaging storyline: the script was already shaped, but we still had to write the storyboard.  

We opted for characters seen in their everyday life, relying on technology to go through their daily tasks, and finally using their cars to realistically explain how vehicle data is accessed.


The final animation is meant for an audience who has minimum understanding of the topic (independent automated market stakeholders, policymakers, MEPs), but is still well detailed to explain how digitalisation is a game changer, and how cars can now be “repaired” and maintained remotely which creates a real competition to access vehicle data.

The animation is being used in its entirety, as well as in its “chapter” versions on social media to engage with policymakers and to campaign for a new legislation on car data to secure consumer choice, data protection and cyber security.

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