EUROFER commissioned us to create an animation to raise awareness amongst EU policymakers of the impact of proposed carbon legislation on the steel industry. The proposed EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and the phase-out of ETS free CO2 allocation would severely impact EU efforts of not only decarbonising the steel industry but its overall carbon reduction ambitions. The animation, therefore, aimed to target MEPs, EU Council members and stakeholders to highlight the impact of the proposed legislation, as well as alternative solutions.


EUROFER came to us with a clear vision in mind, intending to utilise their ‘green style’ in the animation. From this, we had a clear direction; incorporate their desired style in a clearly presented, concise animated video. The video needed to mention the key figures from their impact assessment and stress the risk of flooding the EU market with cheap but ‘dirty’ steel from third countries which don’t have the same stringent CO2 standards as EU steelmakers have. 

We drafted a script for voice over that succinctly covered EUROFER’s key messages. With a Brussels audience in mind, we shortlisted voice-over artists with clear, European accents for the client to choose between. In order to support the narrative we used bold text on-screen to reinforce the key points, whilst the voice-over guides us through the video.


The final animation was well received by the team at EUROFER, who felt it explained the complex topic clearly and effectively. Social media posts containing the video yielded strong engagement from industry stakeholders and the Brussels policy sector, including MEPs.