The Shipowners’ Club


The Shipowners’ Club asked us to create a short animation to launch their newly defined core values, vision and mission to staff and colleagues.

With the text of the core values having been carefully considered over a period of time, the launch animation needed to focus on this text, and bring it to life in a unique, modern, fresh and inspirational video.


We developed an abstract concept for the animation that involved moving shapes, bright contrasting colours, light effects, 3D animation and sound effects to create impressive scenes that emphasise the meaning of each value.

We based the visual style closely on the client’s core brand colour palette, using a dark navy blue backdrop, with the brighter colours of the brand being used in the shapes. By involving 3D animation, light and sound effects, and slick transitions, the resulting feel is high-end and glossy. 

The music track and sound effects that we used in the animation were carefully considered to bring resonance to the visuals, building throughout the animation to a crescendo.


The final animation was met with a response of ‘this is brilliant’ from the client. It was launched at a company wide virtual meeting, where it was well received, and despite being planned as an internal tool it was so well thought of that it was later shared externally as well.

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