Liberty Global Explorer WiFi

The Brief:

Liberty Global called upon us to create an animation showcasing their innovative new concept Explorer WiFi. It highlights the potential of a service that would enable people to seamlessly access tailored broadband solutions while on the go.

The animation serves the dual purpose of captivating attention at Liberty Global’s stand during the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, where it was featured in an area dedicated to showcasing new ideas and network-as-a-service applications, as well as on social media. While the primary audience at the Congress was informed, the animation also had to cater to broader audiences on social media and the web, ensuring clarity without oversimplification of technical jargon.

The Approach:

To illustrate the diverse range of applications and benefits of Explorer WiFi, we crafted a cast of characters in various settings. Incorporating characters of different skin tones, we aimed to foster inclusivity within the animation. 

The narrative follows a family embarking on vacation. We depicted encounters with various WiFi related challenges that initially marred the start of their trip, then we showed how Explorer WiFi could allow things to run smoothly. Through seamless continuity and attention to detail, each character exuded personality, enhancing engagement with the narrative. Our objective was to convey the cutting-edge nature of this modern concept and we reflected this sentiment in the animation’s design. Extending Liberty Global’s brand palette, we ensured both originality and alignment with the company identity.

The Result:

The result was an animation with a thoroughly modern feel. The music track lent a sense of inspiration to the animation which was very well-received at the event and online.