Liberty Global

The brief

Liberty Global is an international telecommunications giant, best known in the UK for owning Virgin Media. They commissioned research into the possibilities presented by Gigabit broadband, specifically across the areas of: health, work, digital interactions and tackling climate change. 

When consumers can get most of what they want from current broadband speeds, the research showed why they should care about faster speeds still. It also aimed to show that these speeds can be delivered through Liberty Global’s existing fibre network, without a large-scale programme of digging up roads to install cables.

Our job was to present these findings visually to an audience of political stakeholders across Europe, and to the European public.

Our approach

The objective of the project leant itself to the use of characters in various domestic, work and healthcare settings.

In each setting we were able to imagination the future and present a world in which gigabit broadband was already a reality.

The animation needed to be vibrant, fast-paced and dynamic throughout with lots of movement and rapid scene changes.

Characters and scenes were designed with Liberty Global’s strict brand guidelines in mind, utilising brand colours and fonts at all times.

The result

We created 5 pieces of content for this project. One longer animation that provided a summary of the main themes and tied everything together, and four shorter animations for Twitter examining each of the four themes in turn.

Main composition

‘Work’ Twitter clip

‘Health’ Twitter clip

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