International Chamber of Shipping – ISF Watchkeeper Yachts


The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) asked us to create an animation to launch a new generation of the seafarer work and rest hours compliance solution, ISF Watchkeeper, which has been specifically created for the superyacht sector.

The brief called for an animation that would sit comfortably amongst the high end promotional material that those working in the sector are used to, whilst succinctly conveying the key benefits of the tool for crew managers on board.


Our starting point in the production process was to focus on developing the right visual style to create a luxury feel befitting the world of superyachts. 

We put together a mood board to get a sense of the visuals the client felt would appeal to the sector, and through this process came to settle on a style inspired by the vintage travel posters of the 1930s, with a high contrast colour palette and classy scenes.

We drafted a 90 second script for voice over highlighting the key benefits of the product, keeping messaging light and engaging throughout. With an international audience in mind, we shortlisted voice over artists for the client to choose between, each with a slight accent that would be hard to pin down geographically. 


The result is an eye catching, appealing, positive animation that the client felt interpreted the brief really well. Following the success of this project, we were pleased to be asked to create an additional animation to showcase the benefits of the core Watchkeeper product.

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