May Roundup 2024

With the general election now around the corner, creating content that resonates with policy makers is more important than ever!

Our recent work has taken us to all corners of the world. This month, Arctic Basecamp addressed global climate vulnerability with a series of animations that raise awareness of Arctic Amplification and its impacts across the world. 

We produced five concise, mobile-friendly animations for Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, each under 60 seconds for optimal social media engagement. Using diverse stock footage we showcased climate change effects like drought and flooding with interactive maps for geo-targeted campaigns.

Meanwhile, Liberty Global introduced their concept of Explorer Wifi for on-the-go broadband, and EUROPUR highlighted polyurethane foam’s economic impact in Europe.

We worked with CECE again to create an animation for their 2024 manifesto and also condensed their annual economic report into a succinct and impactful animation. 

For A2Dominion’s fire safety animation, we used vibrant colours and diverse characters in order to make safety education both engaging and informative for their tenants.