CECE’s 2024 Manifesto

The Brief:

CECE enlisted our services for the creation of their 2024 Manifesto advocating for the sustainable reindustrialisation of Europe as the key priority for the next EU legislative mandate. This Manifesto video will be used to influence policy makers at the upcoming EU elections this year as well as target key stakeholders.

The Approach:

Here at Senate Media, we specialise in animating campaign messaging to captivate audiences, particularly on complex subjects. 

In order to maintain brand identity we focused on CECE’s brand colours. However, we were also granted the creative freedom to introduce additional colours which helped us create a fresh look and feel for this animation. Incorporating characters with approachable expressions not only made the Manifesto appealing, but also facilitated understanding for those less versed in the subject matter. Moreover, characters infused the narrative with a human touch, bridging the gap between technical discussions of equipment and impact on infrastructure, employment and people’s livelihoods. A variety of construction sector equipment appears in the classic yellow colours but then transitions to green reinforcing CECE’s call for sustainable re-industrialisation. The written Manifesto itself is around 1500 words long but, we were able to convey key messages in a script of under 200 words thanks to the work visualisation does for explanations.

The Result:

The result was an engaging 1 minute video that conveyed CECE’s key messages in an impactful manner. The video has been used to launch the manifesto in Brussels, posted across social media platforms and used on their website.