Bringing your research reports to life with an explainer video

When it comes to reports and publishing research studies (whether policy reports or scientific research), we get it. So much hard work (and money) goes into the research and pulling the report together, that the publication of a PDF document can feel like an end in itself.

But the real point in doing all that hard work is ensuring the findings, recommendations and messages from your research are heard by the target audience.

That’s where animated research explainer videos come in. We create short snappy animations which have a dual purpose. They’ll get the messages out to a wider audience - to those people who don’t have time to leaf through a 50-page PDF. But for those that do have time, the explainer video will help attract their attention and funnel it towards the report itself.

517 reports published by the World Bank between 2008 and 2012 were not downloaded. At all.

Health 2040 - Academy of Medical Sciences

Animated explainer video on the Health 2040 research report

Roads - CPRE

An animated video to explain CPRE's End of the Road policy report

A Blueprint for Responsible Investment - PRI

Animated explainer video on UNPRI's Blueprint report
We hope to be able to use Senate Media again; not only were we delighted with the end result but they were a pleasure to work with at all stages of the process
Women's Budget Group

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