Quadram Institute


In September 2020 the Quadram Institute, a centre for food and health research based in Norwich, commissioned us to create an animation explaining their role in sequencing the COVID-19 genome. At the time, the concept of genomic sequencing using positive COVID swabs wasn’t commonly understood, and so this animation was to act as an introduction to the concept and a topline explainer of the potential that it offered to help end the pandemic.


The first stage in our production process centered on drafting a script that accurately explained the science in a way that was both engaging and understandable for a lay audience. The team at Quadram provided us with a broad overview of the key messages, including two case studies to use to support the narrative, and we used this source material to draft a script that would result in an animation of a little over 2 minutes.

Having developed the narrative, we began work on the visual concept. This animation was the eighth project that we had developed for Quadram, and so our knowledge of the brand guidelines allowed us to work swiftly. Keeping in mind the need for clarity and simplicity, we created visuals that were clean and bold, and we decided that the use of on-screen text would work well to support the key messaging.


The final animation was well received on social media, with a single Tweet gaining over 6K views. Quadram also received positive feedback from their partners in the scientific community, most notably from the Executive Director and Chair of COG-UK.

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