British Pharmacological Society

The Brief:

The British Pharmacological Society (BPS) commissioned us to create an animated video explaining the potential of psychedelics for treating mental health disorders. The aim was to raise awareness and support further research in this evolving field, where legal constraints currently limit research access.

The Approach:

We worked with BPS to structure a narrative around two pivotal questions: “How do psychedelics affect the brain?” and “What does this mean for the potential treatment of mental health disorders?” This clear focus ensured the animation was both informative and engaging.

To align with BPS’s branding and catch the eye of viewers on social media, we utilised a vibrant colour palette, involving blues, greens and pinks. The visuals featured gentle kaleidoscopic transitions, subtly referencing the historical context of psychedelics while maintaining a professional and medically accurate tone.

The animation’s credibility was enhanced by the participation of Professor David Nutt, a leading figure in psychedelic research, who provided the voice-over. His authoritative and measured delivery added gravitas, while a light, spacey music track underscored his narration, creating a sense of calm positivity without overpowering his voice.

The Result:

The resulting animation successfully balanced educational content with engaging visuals, effectively communicating the potential of psychedelics in mental health treatment.

British Pharmacological Society (BPS) Public Engagement Animation