The Brief

CECE is leading the conversation on the role of the construction equipment sector in decarbonising Europe. At their annual congress, they wanted to launch their decarbonisation position paper with an animation to explain the core argument of the paper in a visually engaging way. We were therefore commissioned by CECE to bring the paper to life for an audience of members and policymakers.

The Approach

We have previously worked with CECE to create their annual economic report animations. For this animation, however, a distinct visual style was required. This involved a more animated character style, within 2D environments.

We used the primary blue and green of the CECE colour palette, alongside complementary colours, with the classic yellow used for visualising construction equipment. 

In the animation, we incorporated graphics from the report itself to maintain continuity between the content.

The Result

The animation premiered at the CECE 2023 Congress in Chamonix, launching the decarbonisation position paper and initiating discussions on meaningful changes the sector can enact to reach climate goals. It was also shared on social media, with great feedback from CECE members and external stakeholders.