Port of Dover

The Brief:

The Port of Dover tasked us with creating an animation that would showcase their fresh new brand and highlight their vision for a smart, seamless and sustainable future, for use at the 2023 Party Conferences and beyond.

The Approach:

The Port of Dover’s rebrand resulted in a new dynamic visual identity that is progressive, modern and distinctive and signals a positive and purpose- driven future. In order to launch this new identity and showcase Dover’s future focused outlook, the brand needed to be front and centre of every scene we created. 

As well as showcasing the new brand visuals, we wanted to emphasise Dover’s role as a hub of maritime activity, by creating a visual concept that focussed on connectivity, speed and movement. 

We were lucky enough to have access to dynamic time lapse footage of ships, cargo and people captured from the Port, and we used this to create an impressive opening that gives a sense of Dover’s pivotal role, accounting for ⅓ of all UK/EU trade and serving as a vital international tourist route. 

Time lapse footage was supported with stock video, and interwoven with animation throughout. We created an animated map that visually emphasises the proximity between Dover and Calais, underscoring Dover’s strategic location in relation to Europe.

Dover’s bespoke brand font sits at the centre of every scene, carrying the central  messaging, and morphing into arrows that shoot across screen and act as transitions into new scenes, bringing a sense of pace and dynamism to the video.

With a Conference audience in mind, where the video would be played without sound, all messaging needed to be delivered visually. However the choice of music track remained important for social media and the web. In order to create the inspirational, optimistic feel required, we sourced an upbeat music track. The choice reflects Dover’s ongoing technological advancements and improved connectivity and aligns well with its new brand. 

The Result:

Through dynamic visuals and a touch of musical optimism, we not only launched the new brand, we also highlighted Dover’s key role as a centre of trade and tourism. Being displayed on the big screens at the Conservative conference presents an unparalleled opportunity to grab the attention of policymakers and stakeholders, and the video did just that, achieving well over 20,000 views in those few days alone.

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