Mission to Seafarers – E-Learning


The Mission to Seafarers (MtS) is a global maritime charity providing help, assistance and support for seafarers worldwide. They commissioned us to create a 3-minute animation to inform viewers about WeCare, its goals, and introduce their E-learning programme. The WeCare programme is designed to address the issues which threaten the mental health and wellbeing of seafarers and their families. The animation aimed to promote the programme to clients to encourage them to sign up for this programme.


WeCare follows two-course themes, Social Wellbeing and Financial Wellbeing. In the animation, we wanted to highlight the issues facing seafarers with respect to these themes, including the positive and negative impacts of social media, and the issue of financial illiteracy. In regards to this, the tone of the piece needed to strike a balance between respecting the difficulties faced by seafarers, as well as the positive aspects of the programme. 

Building on the brand colour scheme, the animation is bold and visually engaging. We also made sure that any references to the online platform were accurate, allowing viewers to get a glimpse of the platform and see what they can expect. The platform can be accessed through a variety of means, and to highlight the flexibility of the courses we showed WeCare being used on tablets, phones and laptops. The overall aim was to show that the platform is necessary, effective, and flexible. 

Both the voice over and the backing track for the piece are positive and calming, reinforcing the tone intended for the piece. Together with the bold colour palette, the animation met the client’s wish for a visually engaging, concise and impactful video, with a clear message throughout. 


The animation was very well received by the client. The video has helped raise awareness of the initiative and resulted in a number of shipping companies signing up. Posted both on their WeCare homepage and their social media channels, the video has had a far reach amongst those in the seafaring community.