Medical Defence Union


The MDU asked us to create an animation that would highlight the importance of the support they offer doctors throughout their careers.

We discussed a number of ideas with the team at the MDU, and decided on an approach that involved an abstract career timeline, with stories told through the eyes of the doctors themselves at each of three major career stages. 


With the story for the animation being defined by the MDU’s member case studies, our work began with the storyboarding and visual concept creation stage. 

We worked closely with the team at the MDU to design the style of each of our 3 main characters and their environments, to ensure that clothing and background scenery for every scene was appropriate to each role and career stage. 

We shortlisted different voice over artists for each character, to ensure that the story of each doctor’s experiences would be told in an realistic and emotive way that would resonate with doctors at that stage in their professional life.

During the animation phase we kept the emotion and stress felt by each doctor front of mind, using body language and facial expressions to convey their state of mind and support the story being told by the voice over.


The final animation is emotive and engaging. Anchored on a career timeline, the animation moves from one career stage to the next to tell the story of the doctor’s personal experiences. 

The animation is being used in its entirety, as well as in career stage sections, which increases versatility and allows the MDU to provide different perspectives of their support to doctors of all ages and experiences.

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