LinkedIn unveils native video for Company Pages

Just over seven months on from LinkedIn finally allowing users to upload native video to posts, they have gone the whole hog and enabled it for company pages too.

Company pages were a strange omission from the changes introduced in August 2017 that meant users could upload and share video files within the platform, without their audience needing to click away to view the video.

But in a blog post at the end of March the business network announced that it was now possible to post video on company pages, alongside an announcement about allowing sponsored video posts as standalone news feed items.

What this means is that any organisation with a company page can now upload teaser content or full videos and distribute them as they would on Twitter or Facebook. Up until now, you would have been reliant on individual employees uploading and sharing company videos.

LinkedIn’s beta program showed that company page videos were five times more likely than other content to generate a conversation among members.

Those with additional budget for promoting their videos will find the video for sponsored content - a standalone video post in a user’s news feed - offering of interest.

We looking forward to testing and making use of this new functionality.

Nathan Coyne
By Nathan Coyne