Video Trends in 2024

A keen understanding of the ever-changing dynamics of the digital communications landscape is essential to ensuring your content gets the attention it deserves. So how do you make sure your voice is heard? We have an update on the key video trends for 2024 that will make sure your content not only stays afloat but rises to the top.

Short-Form Videos

In today’s dynamic digital realm, short-form videos are no longer just a trend; they are the cornerstone of effective communication, essential for businesses and organisations striving to engage audiences, enhance visibility and stay ahead. Reflecting their undeniable impact, an estimated 90% of marketers worldwide increased their short-form video budget in 2023.

Concise and compelling, short-form videos are perfectly attuned to our world of shrinking attention spans. Following the lead of major platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, platforms such as X, FaceBook and LinkedIn are adapting to this format. As we step into 2024, short-form videos are becoming even shorter, presenting bite-sized visual narratives that lead the charge in viral content. Their unique ability to intrigue, inform and educate succinctly, leave audiences wanting more, and positions them at the forefront of digital communications strategy.

A return to silent film?

Silent video is a key player in 2024’s growing digital trends. The fact that social media platforms autoplay videos without sound allows people to watch in various settings, whether in the office, on the train, in public spaces or in quiet moments. Additionally, silent videos cater to people with hearing impairments. Reports suggest that a whopping 85% of Facebook users and 80% of X users watch videos on mute.

In order to captivate audiences and convey key messages when audio is taken completely out of the picture, videos must capitalise on visual narratives. Captions and text-on-screen have become indispensable tools to guide viewers through a silent journey whilst ensuring that comprehension and engagement is maintained.

A voice-over accompanied by subtitles is a great option when explanation of a topic requires depth, and when a voice is needed to add a human touch. 

However, there are also 100% voice-over-free options and these are great at highlighting top line messaging and raising awareness. This style of video plays really well on social media, as the big bold key text grabs attention easily as users scroll, increasing view rates and engagement and watch rates.

Adapted Forms

Aspect Ratios:

Tailoring videos to the specific requirements and user behaviours of each platform is key to reaching the broadest possible audience in 2024, so if you have one specific platform in mind for your content, it makes sense to create it in the optimal aspect ratio.  For instance, X and Facebook videos work best in a landscape format with an aspect ratio of either standard widescreen (16:9) or square, whereas Instagram favours a vertical orientation (9:16).

Video Length

Another factor to consider is the varying video lengths across platforms. Instagram feeds accommodate up to 60 seconds, stories only 15 seconds and IGTV up to 15 minutes. Twitter videos can be up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds long and Facebook supports varying durations, from shorter clips to longer content on Facebook watch.

Language Translations

Adapting videos to different languages is the most effective way to reach international audiences.

There are a number of options for translating videos – the most cost effective being adding foreign language subtitles to a video that is delivered in English. This is a great solution when you want to share your video across multiple countries.

Creating your video in an entirely different language is a more time consuming option, but if you have one or two languages in mind it is worth the time for the increased impact that the resulting video will have. This approach requires not only translation, but a new voice over, and full retiming of the animation to flow with the new language.

In 2024 short-form videos are the linchpin of effective communication and there is a growing interest in silent film options. Navigating the complexities of adapting to diverse platforms and languages empowers your content to thrive in the increasingly competitive digital landscape.