Simplifying Complexity

Addressing Pain Points Creatively Part One

Businesses and organisations face numerous challenges when conveying complex ideas, attempting to differentiate themselves from the crowd or when tackling difficult and sensitive subjects. One solution that has proven remarkably effective in alleviating these pain points is the use of videos. Over the course of the next three weeks we will look at different areas and how animations can help tackle them.

Unlocking Meaning

Complex ideas can often leave audiences scratching their heads. When someone is explaining a convoluted concept, our brains work doubly hard to process the information. Natural hesitations, unscripted meanderings and avalanches of information can cause us to zone out and lead to gaps in comprehension. Whether it’s a scientific breakthrough, a technological advancement or an organisational change, conveying intricate concepts can be daunting. Enter animated videos! These are dynamic visual tools that can break down complexity into digestible bites, making even the most involved and least thrilling subjects accessible and engaging.

Animation introduces dynamic colours, music and visual aids that breathe new life into long-winded concepts.


Colours are more than mere aesthetics; they add vitality to ideas and are powerful tools for conveying messages and leaving lasting impressions. Colours act as sign posts, highlighting key points and creating visual associations, ensuring the audience’s attention is directed to critical information. Whether it’s a call to action or a critical statistic in a report, colours emphasise what matters most.


Music sets the mood, guides attention and enhances retention. Music is known to activate the left and right side of the brain simultaneously and this maximises learning and memory. Ambient, classical, jazz or upbeat genres with lower BPMs are best for harnessing optimal concentration. Animated videos give you the opportunity to create an immersive environment that is conducive to absorbing compley information.

Animating stats:

 Static diagrams are hard to process because they lack the ability to emphasise specific points or transitions effectively. However, animating information allows for the narration of trends and the vivid highlighting of changes. 

Animated videos serve as powerful remedies for confusion, dismantling complex concepts through a blend of visuals, vibrant colours and immersive music. This approach ensures not only effective but also versatile communication.

Join us next week for the second instalment of this three-part blog series.