Senate Media launches Creative Politics

Today we are pleased to unveil a brand new creative content arm designed specifically to cater for the UK political and public affairs market.

Creative Politics, as the new brand will be known, draws on the strengths of two core parts of our business; the creative content produced through Senate Media and the political nous of our leading political news website,

Creative Politics ( will offer creative solutions for those working in public affairs and campaigns, who are producing content aimed at political stakeholders, or tackling policy related issues, with the objective of communicating your key messages in engaging and easily accessible formats.

And it will do so with the key USP of being able to distribute and promote content through’s website, newsletter and social media channels.

Creative Politics will offer the full range of content production services offered by its parent brand, including video and animation production, infographic design, microsites and other campaign material.

Nathan Coyne, Senate Media’s managing director, said of the move: “For some time we have wanted to create a closer link between the content production and publishing sides of the business and Creative Politics is the perfect vehicle for doing so.”

“It’s a clear niche brand that will not only deliver highly engaging content, but will deliver eyeballs as well, something non-specialist brands will struggle to compete with.”

“We are entering an interesting period in the political cycle where we are probably at most 18 months out from a general election. It’s an exciting time therefore to be launching a new brand that can help charities, pressure groups, trade associations and others to amplify their messages and achieve positive change.”