On the Big Screen: Port of Dover

With conference season in full swing, getting your key messages on the big screens is the perfect way to influence the legislative agenda.

This year, the Port of Dover wanted to get their ambitious plan in front of MPs and political stakeholders alike.

The Port of Dover has a bold plan for seamless borders and a decarbonised supply chain, maximising technological and data improvements for the benefit of locals, tourists and hauliers.

To achieve this, the Port of Dover needed to make their case to political stakeholders.

This is where we came in.

We were commissioned to create a bold text on-screen animation to detail their plans to feature on the conference big screens.

We worked with the team at Dover to draft a script with short, punchy sentences that would work well in the conference setting. We then designed an eye-catching look and feel to ensure that the video would grab attention on the big screens. Using bright colours, light effects and pacey animation, the final result is an impressive animation that showcases Dover’s high-tech, future focussed plans.

With over 10,000 attendees, across the four days, the conference offers the perfect opportunity to get key messages in front of MPs, political stakeholders and other influential individuals.

Watch the full animation below