Content creation options during the Corona crisis

We’re widely recognised to be entering uncharted territory with the worldwide response to the CoronaVirus (Covid-19).

Businesses are having to adjust to full-scale remote working.

Conferences, events and launches have all, understandably, fallen by the wayside in the need to eliminate gatherings of people.

Yet when the initial upheaval settles and adjusted business circumstances become the ‘new normal’, organisations will need to think about how to realign their comms strategy.

Some planned events and launches will be best left for when the current restrictions are relaxed, but there will be others that our interconnected digital world is well set to cater for.

And for those there are methods of content creation that are equally well set to cater for the new rules we need to abide by.

Motion graphics

Filming can be difficult to organise and risky in the current circumstances. But creating a motion graphics video or animation has long been an attractive alternative to a talking heads film.

It’s such a flexible format with a vast array of available styles, featuring characters, icons or even photography, and it can be adapted to all manner of brand guidelines, that there are really no projects for which it can’t be that piece of ‘hero content’ you’re looking for.

Stock footage and B-Roll

If you still prefer to feature real people in your videos, then using stock footage or any b-roll you have is an alternative to a motion graphics piece.

Or combine them with motion graphics for a really professional finish. It’s incredible what can be done with b-roll and stock when combined with some slick graphics, a voice-over and an uplifting music track.

Live streaming

While physical events with large audience are a no-go, virtual events and live streams can pick up the slack. Broadcasting across the web and social media, they are a great way of reaching a mass audience while respecting advice on social distancing.

People in multiple locations or the need to show presentation slides can all be accommodated.

As can broadcasts across YouTube, Facebook, Google Hangouts and others.

If you are interested in discussing how your events can be turned into ‘virtual events’ get in touch.

Senate Media during the Corona crisis

From both a staff safety and business continuity perspective, we took the decision early on that all staff should work remotely. While we maintain an office in London, our animators and voice-over artists are based all over the country. Therefore working remotely is very much ‘business-as-usual’ as far as we’re concerned.

In a similar vein most of our projects have always kicked off with a phone meeting, with updates as they progress delivered by phone and email.

In short, we are well placed to carry on delivering work for our clients during this period of uncertainty, and we’d love to talk to you about any new projects you may have.