What is Twitter Media Studio?

If you manage a Twitter account on behalf of an organisation, you may have noticed the ‘Media Studio’ option. In this blog, we explain what it is and how you can use it.

Twitter Media Studio is a platform for managing your videos and other assets on Twitter to get the best results possible out of them. 

It’s free, but you have to be a member of Twitter’s Amplify Publisher Programme to get access. That means you have to have a Twitter ads account. 

Not promoting your video content on Twitter yet? There are good reasons why you should:

In this blog, we’ll look at ten features of Twitter Media Studio that can improve the performance of your video tweets. 

#1 Managing Metadata

Doesn’t sound thrilling, but the impact on clickthrough can be huge:

  • You can add a title of up to 70 characters that will be displayed in bold under the video thumbnail when it appears in a user’s news feed
  • You can add a description of up to 200 characters to explain what’s in the video which will appear below the title – just like in SERPs


#2 Optimising Thumbnail Image

You can select the still image that appears in the tweet. This can be chosen from the footage in the video or designed bespoke. 

Maximise the impact of your thumbnail by:

  • Choosing colours that stand out
  • Including text for more explanatory power


#3 Adding a Call To Action Button

At the same time as adding the metadata, Twitter Media Studio gives you the option to add a pop-out CTA which will appear when the video is played. 

You can choose the text displayed and the URL it will take anyone who clicks on it to. That will drive more traffic to your site. 

#4 Subtitling

A 2019 US survey found that:

  • 83% of online video is watched with the sound switched off
  • Providing subtitles increases the likelihood of a video being watched to the end by 80%

Twitter Media Studio makes it simple to add SRT subtitle files to the videos you upload and – perhaps more importantly – to videos you have already uploaded in the past!

You won’t have to reprocess or re-edit your old assets to use them again with subtitles. 


#5 Managing Your Video Assets Easily

And guess what? That’s true about all the other features mentioned so far. You can go back through everything you’ve uploaded before and add metadata, custom splash screens, CTAs etc. 

Twitter Media Studio collects everything you’ve uploaded into one asset library for ease of management. Plus:

  • You can manage multiple accounts through it
  • You can allocate access and privileges to multiple users with it
  • You can upload multiple videos at once

#6 Scheduling

While there are plenty of scheduling tools out there already to help you manage your tweets, Twitter Media Studio provides one too, making it a real one-stop-shop.

#7 Monetising Your Content

As we’ve already mentioned, Twitter Media Studio is only available through the Amplify Producer Programme and it provides two ways for you to make money out of your videos:

  • In-stream pre-roll ads on your videos (that play before your content starts)
  • In-stream one-to-one video sponsorships


#8 Making the Most of Live Broadcasts

Media Studio includes a module called Producer, which helps you to broadcast live video, plan and promote it in advance for maximum exposure and then to edit it down into highlights with a tool called LiveCut. 


#9 Geotargeting

Don’t waste money promoting your video ads to audiences in inappropriate locations. 

With Media Studio, you have the option to select precisely which countries you want your videos to be visible in. 


#10 Categorising Your Videos

There is also an option to add a “category” to your videos when you upload or manage them through Twitter Media Studio. 

It provides a list of options from which you can chose up to two, but exactly what this does at the moment is hard to tell… but the presence of this option certainly suggests that Twitter is planning to do even more with video content in future!

So if you use video on Twitter as part of your marketing strategy at all, Media Studio gives you a lot of powerful options for customisation and optimisation that are just not available anywhere else. Get yourself on it here