Wetlands International (Global Biodiversity Framework)

The Brief:

In global conversations about nature, wetlands have often been overshadowed by the spotlight on land and sea ecosystems. Wetlands serve as a vital bridge between terrestrial and aquatic environments but despite their ecological impotence, they have been underrepresented in global biodiversity frameworks. However, a significant breakthrough was recently achieved as numerous countries signed an agreement collectively acknowledging the pivotal role of wetlands.

Recognising the historic importance of this declaration, Wetlands International enlisted our services to make an animation calling for adequate recognition of wetlands in the goals, targets and indicators of the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

The Approach:

We worked with Wetlands International to define the key messages of this in-depth topic and draft them into a script for animation.

We then created a visual concept that would convey the urgency of the threat posed to wetland wildlife, by showcasing a vibrant array of wildlife native to wetlands. Creatures feature, and then fade out, highlighting their endangered status. A clear female voice delivered the script and an evocative music track that featured bird and natural water sounds, immersed viewers in a wetland setting. Green and blue hues reinforced the crucial environmental message about the vital role of wetlands in conservation efforts worldwide.

The Result:

The result was an engaging and impactful animation that was uploaded to Wetlands International’s YouTube and shown to policy makers in the environmental sector. 

The video featured at the UN Development Programme’s Nature for Life Hub event in November 2023