Trade Association Forum

The Brief

The Trade Association Forum (TAF) sought an engaging animation to highlight the value of trade associations to the UK economy and TAF’s role in promoting them. With renewal season approaching, the goal was to raise awareness of the benefits of membership, to drive renewals and attract new members.

The Approach

The animation needed to be modern and visually appealing, targeting decision-makers, policymakers, sponsors, and suppliers. 

The script highlighted the multifaceted benefits of trade associations. It reinforced TAF’s identity as the “association of associations” and encouraged viewers to develop skills, share experiences, build networks, and join the TAF community.

It focused on TAF’s key messages, emphasising trade associations’ benefits such as building industry consensus, representing sector interests, raising awareness of challenges, and driving up standards.

The visual style featured bold colours and diverse characters to reflect TAF’s inclusivity and the power of the TAF community.

The Result

The animation concisely communicated TAF’s mission and the value of trade associations to the economy and society and this is the sort of evergreen content that can be used for years to come.