The Royal Aeronautical Society : Honours, Medals and Awards

The Brief:

The Royal Aeronautical Society commissioned us to capture the proceedings at their prestigious Medals and Awards Ceremony through film. The video will be used to market future events and for member outreach.

The Approach:

Our approach was twofold: to showcase the grandeur of the ceremony while encapsulating the festive spirit of the holiday season. Inside the venue, the holiday decor provided a warm and inviting atmosphere. We documented the convivial atmosphere of the drinks reception, capturing candid interactions among attendees and interviewing the winners. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, we aimed to deliver a visual narrative that would resonate with the society’s esteemed members and guests.

The Result:

The end result is a video that captures the client’s vision for a film that highlights the key moments of the Awards, bringing together snippets of the speeches and interviews and giving the viewer a sense of the evening’s warmth. 

The Society shared the film across platforms, with the full length version hosted on YouTube and embedded on their website, and shorter social media edits shared on Instagram Reels and TikTok.