Royal College of Midwives


The Royal College of Midwives asked us to create an animation to showcase their new visual style. The new look represented a significant departure from the old, and was the first time the brand had been updated in some time, so the team at RCM asked us to create an animation that would not only show off this new, modern, cutting edge look, but which would emphasise it’s meaning – of a forward looking, vibrant and representative future for the College.


We approached this project by firstly getting a firm understanding of the new brand and how the team at RCM envisaged it would be used across platforms and assets going forwards. 

We decided that our animation concept would focus on using the logo at the centre of the story, with animated typography flowing and building from the logo. Scenes would be kept clean and uncluttered, so that the eye would focus on the story being told by the text.

We drafted a script for the animation using the M’s and W’s of the logo as hooks for the messaging. By keeping the word count to a minimum, and using bold statements and keywords, we were able to keep a nice pace to the animation and to involve interesting variations in the way the text animated on-screen throughout.

The music track for this animation would be central to creating the right feel – exciting, inspiring and future focused. We shortlisted a series of tracks for the team at RCM to choose between, until the right ‘goose-bumpy’ feel was achieved!


The final animation is vibrant, modern and impressive. It has been used by RCM to introduce their new look to members, partners and stakeholders alike across all channels.