Motorcycle Industry Association

The Brief

The Motorcycle Industry Association tasked us with creating an animation calling for reform of the licensing system for L category vehicles, and highlighting their potential as the future of transport. These vehicles can play a crucial role in the government’s decarbonisation goals. However, there are currently various hurdles hindering accessibility of L category vehicles. Our animation aims to convey this message to key stakeholders, including Politicians, Civil Servants, Road Safety Professionals, Road Safety Charities, Transport Authorities, Motorcycle Trainers and to the Press.

The Approach:

We began work by carefully drafting a script composed of short, clear sentences. When trying to incorporate lots of information into a two minute video, it’s important not to mince your words! 

In order to showcase the variety of L category vehicles that are available for use, mopeds, motorbikes, and compact cars needed to sit at the forefront of the animation. We therefore created a visual concept that centres on vehicle graphics, accompanied by graphics that highlight the barriers that are preventing many from accessing these versatile vehicles. For example, we represented labyrinthine licensing procedures by creating a visual of a dot trying in vain to make its way through a maze.  We combined the cooling blues of the MCIA brand with pops of green to reflect the way in which greater use of these vehicles will help achieve net zero.
We selected an upbeat, positive music track to create an inspiring feel for the video, which when coupled with the warm and welcoming tone of the voice over, ensures that the potential that broadening use of mopeds and motorcycles holds resonates with the viewer.

The Result:

The end-product was an animation which advocated for L category vehicles as eco-champions for the future of transport. Navigating through licensing mazes and barriers, the video steers viewers towards brighter, greener and more inexpensive horizons. The animation helped launch the campaign and garnered significant attention on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn.