Mental Health Europe


As part of their European Mental Health Week (9th-15th May 2022), Mental Health Europe commissioned us to create a bright and optimistic animation to highlight the central message of this year’s awareness week.


The theme of this year’s European Mental Health Week was ‘Speak Up for Mental Health’, looking to shine the spotlight on youth mental health. The overarching goal was to mobilise people behind three key policy asks:

1. Ensure adequate prevention of mental health problems.

2. Meaningfully empower and actively engage young people in decisions about their mental health.

3. Provide targeted mental health support at every stage of life.

With a strong focus on youth mental health, we decided that the animation should be from the perspective of a young person. This helped to reinforce the goal of empowering and engaging young people to speak openly about their experiences and their mental health.

In order to fit the overall optimistic tone, the animation only briefly mentions the hardships faced by many young people in recent years and instead focuses on the positive steps forward. 


The animation was posted to Mental Health Europe’s social pages to kick off the awareness week. Over the whole week, the animation received the most likes and retweets out of all the content posted. 

It received over 1000 views on youtube in the month after posting, becoming one of their most-viewed pieces of content on youtube.

During the week, the animation was featured on as a Campaign Spotlight achieving 47,100 impressions.

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