MDU – Good Medical Practice

The Brief

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) approached us to create an informative animation to highlight the updates to the GMC’s Good Medical Practice guidelines. The guidelines set out the standards of care and behaviour expected of all medical professionals, and the animation needed to cover the five key updates coming into effect in January 2024: fostering respectful and fair workplaces, ensuring patient-centred care, tackling discrimination, promoting fair and inclusive leadership, and ensuring continuity of care. It was essential for the messaging to be clear and engaging, suitable for sharing on social media, and approachable enough to resonate with a broad audience of medical professionals.

The Approach

To meet the MDU’s requirements, we devised a strategy that combined clear, concise messaging with visually appealing, approachable graphics. Our approach included:

  1. Script and Storyboard Development: We worked with the MDU to craft a succinct script that highlighted each of the five key updates. The language was clear and authoritative, ensuring that the information would be easily retained.
  2. Visual Design: To illustrate each point, we created relatable characters and scenarios that medical professionals could identify with. The visuals were designed to be approachable, featuring diverse characters to reflect inclusivity.
  3. Animation and Sound: A gentle, uplifting melody was chosen for the background track to create a calm, professional atmosphere. The animation was smooth and slick, with short on-screen messages.

Distribution Strategy: Recognising the importance of reach and engagement, we kept the animation under 1 minute long and created it in the square format most suitable to social platforms.

The Result

The final animation successfully encapsulated the updates to the Good Medical Practice guidelines in an engaging and accessible format.