MDU – Festive Advice

The Brief:

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) wanted to create a festive season social media campaign that provided practical advice to medical professionals. The goal was to ensure that healthcare providers could navigate the holiday period smoothly while maintaining professionalism and adhering to legal and ethical standards. The content needed to be visually appealing, inclusive, and easily digestible, as it would be delivered entirely through on-screen messaging for quick consumption on social media platforms.

The Approach:

We worked with the client to adapt a concise and clear script to deliver key tips for a trouble-free festive period. The script centred on essential advice tailored for medical professionals, and each message was straightforward and actionable.

To ensure inclusivity and broad appeal, we designed visuals that portrayed people of various ages and backgrounds. The aim was to reflect diversity amongst medical professionals and patients. Each tip was accompanied by an illustration that reinforced the message, making it easier to understand and remember.

Festive elements such as subtle snowfall, holiday colours, and icons added a cheerful touch without overwhelming the core messages.

The Result:

The animation provided medical professionals with timely and relevant advice. The animation was shown within professional networks effectively showcasing the perks of MDU membership.