Liberty Global

The Brief

Broadband technology is helping reduce emissions across Europe. In 2022, Liberty Global produced a report on the power of gigabit technology, and we were commissioned to create a fun and engaging animation to detail the central points of the report for an audience of policymakers.

The Approach

To bring the report to life, we used case studies to show real world examples of how gigabit broadband is enabling carbon reduction, and also how the telecommunications sector is reducing its own emissions in order to reach net zero targets.

With a target audience of non-specialists in the sector, the animation needed to be clear and engaging, explaining the topic in an easy to understand manner.

From the script to the visual style, we kept the tone light and bright. Using Liberty Global’s core colour palette of orange, blue and white, the animation was clean and modern, reflecting the future-forward messaging.

The Result

The animation was shared widely on social media to initiate discussions with policymakers on gigabit broadband. As well as the main animation, we created a number of short social media clips, each focusing on a different application of gigabit technology.