King’s College Hospital NHS- Dental Sedation

The Brief

King’s College NHS Trust sought an effective way to manage patient expectations and provide clear instructions for patients undergoing dental treatments involving sedation. Traditional patient information leaflets were not fully engaging or effective in conveying the necessary information. The goal in making this animation was to address patient anxiety, provide crucial pre-treatment guidelines, and ensure patients were well-prepared for their procedures.

The Approach

The video aimed to provide comprehensive guidance on several key points:

  1. Managing routine medication.
  2. Avoiding alcohol and recreational drugs before the treatment.
  3. Ensuring patients have an able-bodied escort to accompany them post-treatment.

To enhance engagement and relatability, the animation featured a diverse cast of characters from different ethnicities and backgrounds, including a pregnant woman. This representation ensured that a wide audience could see themselves reflected in the video, making the content more accessible and inclusive.

The video was designed to be used in multiple ways:

The combination of written text, audio explanations, and engaging graphics provided a comprehensive and multi-sensory learning experience for patients. This method was chosen to elevate the information beyond traditional leaflets, offering a more dynamic and memorable way to communicate essential pre-treatment guidelines.

The Result

The animated explainer video proved to be a highly effective tool for King’s College NHS Trust. It received a massive number of views on YouTube, accumulating 78,000 views and counting, demonstrating its long-lasting impact and reach. The video not only supplemented the information provided in consultations but also served as a valuable resource that patients could revisit at their convenience.

By providing clear and engaging pre-treatment instructions, the animation helped reduce patient anxiety and ensured better compliance with pre-treatment guidelines

The team at King’s have presented the animation at a number of professional events as an example of best practice patient engagement. As a result there was significant interest from other organisations in sharing the video, and so we created a watermarked version to make wider use possible, whilst maintaining the King’s name.