Good Industrial Jobs

The Brief:

IndustriAll Europe commissioned us to create a video advocating for a proactive European industrial plan for an audience of EU policymakers. The video needed to focus on addressing the concerns of industrial workers and promoting investment, solidarity, quality jobs, and innovation.

The Approach:

With the 2024 EU Elections in mind, the video aimed to communicate eight key solutions. When writing the script, it was important to convey the urgency of the industrial crisis yet inspire hope through the proposed solutions. To ensure relatability and authenticity, a woman with a soft northern accent was chosen as the voiceover artist. When developing the visual style for this video we needed to create a sense of worker unity, solidarity and strength. We chose to combine animated motion graphics with film and photography to achieve this goal. Footage and imagery of real workers and protests, supplied by the client, was used to bring the necessary realistic, human feel to the video. Whilst animated graphics allowed us to clearly visualise the 8 key solutions, and text-on-screen reinforced the key messaging. IndustriAll Europe’s campaign branding centred on their Good Industrial Jobs stamp, which was integrated at key points in the animation to ensure a strong campaign identity.

The Result:

The video successfully conveyed the message of the campaign to EU policymakers and the public alike. It garnered attention at various EU events, including the tripartite social summit and the EU Council, sparking discussions on the need for a proactive industrial plan. It also attracted over 650 viewers on X.

By effectively translating political demands into an engaging visual format, the video played a pivotal role in advocating for good industrial jobs and fostering unity among workers across Europe.