Glass for Europe – Summer Comfort

The Brief:

Glass for Europe tasked us with making an animation which emphasised the role of glass as a solution, not a problem for summer comfort. Although its primary audience was public institutions such as the European Commission and Parliament, this animation also addressed the building sector, architects and the general public. It sought to convey that contemporary glazing techniques can enhance EU building’s resilience to heat waves, facilitating climate change adaptation while minimising energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. The central message emphasised the efficiency of solar control technologies in reducing heat while maintaining natural daylight.

The Approach:

To advocate for a transformed attitude towards glass, our aim was to viscerally evoke the contrasting sensations of summer’s heat and of cooling temperatures. The depiction of people in an outdated building, struggling with fans and closed shutters, contrasted with another building made mostly of glass but incorporating solar control glass technologies. This glass structure showcased people comfortably seated at a table with a clear view through a large window, illustrating the positive impact of solar control technologies on indoor comfort. The animation employed the Glass for Europe brand’s cooling blue hues to evoke a sense of pleasant temperance. The scenes highlighted the environmental benefits by emphasising the reduction of energy consumption and the integration of natural elements, such as birds flying in the sky, reinforcing the advantages of embracing solar control glass solutions.

The Result:

This animation redefined glass as a top contributor to summer comfort. Moving away from stifling, dark spaces, solar glass creates comfort all while maintaining bright and cheerful interiors. This animation was embedded into the Glass for Europe website and posted across their social media channels.