European Disability Forum – AI

The Brief:

Our goal was to create an animation that addresses the concerns of people with disabilities regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI). While numerous animations educate the general public about AI and human rights, our focus was unique: showcasing how AI affects persons with disabilities. We aimed to foster recognition and identification by depicting scenarios where people with disabilities interact with AI in their daily lives or in plausible future situations. This animation was developed as part of the European Disability Forum’s (EDF) Disability Inclusive Artificial Intelligence project.

The Approach:

Scene 1: Introduction – Jamie’s Morning Routine

Scene 2: The Developer’s “Blind Spot”

Scene 3: Evening Reflections

Scene 4: Conclusion & Call to Action

The “Day in the Life” narrative that we employed allows viewers to connect with the character, and understand the daily impact of AI on their life.

Inclusivity was at the forefront of this animation. With visual accessibility in mind, we used high contrast levels, making visuals easier to discern. Limited and slowly animated text ensured readability and rich yet stripped-back scenes provide clarity without overwhelming the viewer.

The Result:

The result was an animation that would communicate EDF’s message clearly to people with disabilities, EDF members, and digital rights organisations. It provides a relatable and engaging way to discuss the impacts of AI on disability rights. The narrative and visual storytelling helped demystify AI and highlighted both its potential benefits and pitfalls. By focusing on Jamie’s journey, the animation not only informed but also inspired viewers to participate in the conversation about AI and advocate for more inclusive technologies.