Cygnet Staff Benefits

The Brief:

We were tasked by Cygnet Group, a leading health and social care provider, with the creation of a 2 minute animation showcasing the impressive array of awards available to its staff. The animation aims to underscore Cygnet’s commitment to fostering a healthy work/life balance and positive workplace culture. Tailored for use in social media and recruitment campaigns, the video targets both current and potential staff along with wider stakeholders. 

The Approach:

The animation’s narrative takes a “day in the life” approach, focusing on the experiences and rewards Cygnet offers its employees, emphasising practical usage scenarios. The combination of an upbeat music track and a cheerful female voice over establishes a positive and inspiring tone that is complemented by a vibrant colour palette. 
The animation features two key members of staff, while also incorporating a diverse array of characters representing different ethnicities, abilities and backgrounds. This inclusive approach ensures the animation resonates with the widest possible demographic, reinforcing Cygnet’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in its workplace culture.

The Result:

The animation was exceptionally well-received, garnering positive feedback both internally at Cygnet and from prospective employees. This video is going to be used extensively by Cygnet’s communications team going forward.

“Thanks so much for producing something so brilliant. It will be an asset of real value and the team have been amazing to work with” – Gemma Attew – External Communications Manager.