Community Pharmacy England – Pharmacy First

The Brief:

Community Pharmacy England asked us to create a 2-minute animation to raise awareness of the new Pharmacy First service amongst members of the public. Pharmacy First is a NHS service that enables patients to get healthcare advice and treatment directly from a pharmacy, without needing a GP appointment, for seven common conditions. This animation would be used across social media as well as in pharmacies with video screens, meaning that messaging needed to be clear on-screen to convey key information effectively.

The Approach:

Because this animation was targeting patients, we designed an approachable pharmacist character to resonate with the public, ensuring they felt welcome and understood. To create a sense of familiarity, we depicted a relatable high street, making the setting instantly recognisable. The animation was straightforward, highlighting the transition to using the Pharmacy First service.

During the concept phase, we ensured the animation could be divided into shorter segments, making it adaptable for various social media platforms without losing its core message.

The Result:

The animation will be used going forward to promote the Pharmacy First service, engaging viewers both in pharmacies and online and inspiring them to feel more comfortable seeking advice from their local pharmacy. The segmented format allowed for versatile use across multiple media channels.