Chartered Institute of Taxation – DITT


To launch their new course, we were commissioned by the Chartered Institute of Taxation to create a brochure and video to introduce the Diploma in Tax Technology. Aimed at an audience of tax professionals, the materials were to be used at their launch event, introducing the structure and benefits of the new course.


As the course is based on the digital future of tax, we wanted the visual style to reflect this.

For the video, we used a combination of stock footage and animation to create a bold, futuristic look and feel. On screen text was highlighted with modern light effects to ensure that messaging would be clear both with and without sound.

To keep the CIOT brand at the forefront of the visual style, key scenes featured the circular overlay of the logo. The overall colour palette centres on the CIOT core blue, with highlights of burnt orange to represent the Diploma in Tax Technology logo. 

The brochure was created in the same visual style using a combination of graphics and stock imagery, and prominent use of the circular overlay of the logo.


Both the video and brochure were launched at a CIOT event in November 2022. They were subsequently shared across social media as well being posted on the website page for the new course.