British Pharmacological Society (BPS) Public Engagement Animation

The Brief:

The British Pharmacological Society enlisted our services to produce an informative and professional video aimed at explaining the intricacies of drug discovery and highlighting the significance of genomics in advancing medical treatments, particularly in the context of cancer. This animation seeks to establish a connection with the science-engaged public (marking a notable shift in the society’s outreach strategy) and its primary platform will be the BPS YouTube channel, accompanied by shorter versions tailored for Twitter, LinkedIn etc…

The Approach:

Building from the distinctive BPS branding colours, we opted for a palette dominated by bright and clean blues and greens. We used human figures to portray scientists in the video. This was a strategic choice to help humanise the scientific narrative of the pharmacological process.  However, parts of the video use character icons rather than detailed characters and this helps maximise diversity and inclusivity, allowing the video to resonate with a wider audience. The music track conveys a sense of inspiration and possibility in this developing field of research whilst maintaining a strong sense of professionalism.  

In order to accurately explain the complicated process of drug development, animated diagrams were essential. The use of a voice-over allowed for greater depth of explanation and this combined with flow charts and animations made for a dynamic watch. The voice-over features a clean and crisp female voice, with no strong regional accent in order to reflect the diverse usage of the animations.

The Result:

The result is an accessible, succinct and engaging video that clearly demonstrates the way in which genomics are revolutionising the drug discovery process for cancer. A twitter post alone garnered over 2500 views and 40 interactions.