BFAWU – Right to Food


As part of their campaign to enshrine the ‘Right to Food’ into UK law, the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union commissioned us to create an animation to highlight the issue of food insecurity amongst workers in the food sector. The animation was to incorporate the key findings of the BFAWU’s 2021 survey, to raise awareness of the campaign and build support.


As part of our long-running relationship with BFAWU, the visual style in this animation has strong links with previous work, building a sense of brand cohesion., We created a visual concept that centred on a character, to humanise the stark statistics from the 2021 survey  and prompt a feeling of empathy for those affected, and a strong desire to help the cause. 

To continue the theme, we used food imagery as a tool to present the report findings, such as the pizza pie chart to show the percentage of food workers who sacrificed their own consumption to ensure others had enough to eat. This approach allowed us to present the survey findings, in a way that is impactful and compelling, and keeps the viewer engaged all the way to the call to action. 


The #RightToFood campaign has been gaining traction on social media, with this animation as a key piece of content on BFAWU social channels. The animation received thousands of views across social channels, and the client was delighted that the piece managed to successfully bring the report to life and act as an effective call to action in support of the campaign.