BFAWU – Cool It Campaign

The Brief:

Our task was to create a compelling 3.5-minute animation for the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union, offering guidance to representatives and sparking workplace engagement in the campaign.

The animation aimed to strike a balance, providing advice to representatives without overwhelming them with details. Its primary goals were to encourage workplaces to join the campaign, prompt proactive preparations, and emphasise the significance of understanding and preparing for the impact of high temperatures on individuals and companies.

The Approach:

We created detailed animated characters in a caricature style that brings a sense of personality to the visuals.. A clear and engaging female voiceover, accompanied by bold visuals, ensured easy comprehension, guiding viewers through key messages and statistics presented prominently on screen. The animation conveys a sense of the way that intense heat can lead to intolerable working conditions by using bright fiery colours juxtaposed with cooling blue hues. 

The Result:

The animation’s balance of detail ensured that representatives were well-informed without being overwhelmed, ultimately achieving the primary goals of promoting campaign involvement, prompting preparations, and highlighting the importance of addressing the impact of high temperatures on both individuals and companies.