Article 19

The Brief

We were asked to create an animation setting out the problem of hate speech, especially in relation to minorities targeted by hate, and Article 19’s  policy on tackling hate speech by promoting pluralism, diversity and inclusion – in effect using freedom of expression as a tool to tackle hate speech, as opposed to restricting it.

The audience ranged from government actors at the national and international level to civil society organisations and non-state actors who are working to protect human rights. Article 19 wanted to build capacity within those organisations to help them push States to act in a way that uses freedom of expression as a tool to tackle hate speech.


The key challenge faced was the complexity of the topic. We had to ensure we navigated nuanced messaging to reflect Article 19’s policy on the issue accurately.

We were also working to a tight deadline for an event at which the animation would be shown to an audience of government and UN representatives.

Our approach

The approach we take to concept development was key here. We start any project with a production call during which we gather information about the project ranging from key messages to animation style.

We then create concept materials, which include a draft script, a written storyboard outline and concept frames – sample stills that show the proposed style for the animation – along with voice-over samples. These are the building blocks of the animation that together should give a feel for the final video.

We take a collaborative approach – we’re the experts in turning complex messaging into engaging videos, but our clients are the experts in their field. We go back and forth with clients until they are completely happy with the concept because we know that taking time at this stage pays dividends during the animation phase.

In this case, we worked closely with Article 19’s Head of UN Advocacy in New York to ensure the messaging and proposed visuals were accurate and appropriately sensitive to the issues concerned, while retaining Article 19’s authoritative tone of voice.

What we produced

There were a number of deliverables for this project.

The main piece of content was this 2.30 minute video which was used at the launch event.

In addition we created:

As well as full length versions in:

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