Arctic Basecamp

The Brief

Arctic Basecamp aimed to create a series of animations to raise awareness of Arctic Amplification and demonstrate the impacts of Arctic-driven climate change on various regions. Driving traffic to the Arctic Risk Platform was another key priority.

The Approach

We created a series of five animations focusing on Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Each animation adhered to a formulaic content structure, capped at under 60 seconds to optimise user engagement on social media platforms. A mobile-friendly design was prioritised, with square orientation recommended for compatibility.

We emphasised the relatability and the human impact of climate change across all continents. Each animation utilised stock footage and images from diverse regions within the continent, showcasing various climate change effects. For instance, in the Asian video, we depicted drought in Cambodia, flooding in Bangladesh, dengue fever in India, and rising sea levels in Indonesia, illustrating the diverse ways climate change can affect continents. Stylized maps with locators allowed for interactive zooming to specific countries for targeted ad campaigns. 

We selected a dramatic sound track to underscore the gravity of the climate change situation, while infusing a note of hope towards the end. The call to action urged viewers to explore solutions via their website. 

The Result

These animations successfully drove traffic to the Arctic Basecamp website, contributing to increased awareness and engagement. The geo targeted approach facilitated fundraising efforts and provided valuable insights into regional interests and concerns regarding climate change. Overall, the animations expanded ARP’s reach and bolstered its mission to address climate vulnerability on a global scale.