Succeed with social media videos

Video has become critical to attracting attention on social media. The moving image stands out more than static images and text posts, with Twitter reporting six times as many retweets for videos.

Twitter, Facebook and, latterly, LinkedIn have invested in their ‘native’ video capabilities - the ability to upload and play video in-stream rather than clicking away. And with their algorithms built to favour video, so the need for high quality engaging social media video content is growing.

We cater for social media in all our offerings, whether by providing short snappy subtitled versions of longer videos, or through our dedicated social media videos offering

Through Senate Social we provide short videos - animated, film or a combination of the two - on a routine basis, designed specifically to be uploaded natively to social media platforms and communicate your key messages. Check out the social media video examples below.

Video receives six times the number of retweets as images

A short animated social video to promote MDU's new app.

Medical Defence Union

A 1:1 aspect ratio 'square' video for CPA on how crop protection facilitates a healthy lifestyle

Crop Protection Association

Animated social video to raise awareness of Raynaud's

Scleroderma & Raynaud's

Social media video combining animation and film for Offshore Wind Week 2018

Renewable UK

Short 'square' social media video on the civil liability bill

Association of British Insurers

A short punchy social media video introducing the REA

Royal Engineers Association

Square social video on ways the aviation industry is reducing aircraft noise

Sustainable Aviation

Short social media video announcing a deal between Warburton's and BFAWU

Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union

A short video announcing CIHT's diversity charter

Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation
They have created our organisation's positive online presence, and their skills and knowledge have ensured we put out an effective and relevant message.
Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union


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